Do you take part in Veganuary?


It’s the end of January. Festive lights and decorations have come down, and the scales have, no doubt, gone up a little bit. After the indulgence of the festive period, over a third of us make it our New Year’s Resolution to ‘eat healthily’. So what better month is there for Veganuary to fall? Whilst veganism isn’t necessarily synonymous with healthy eating, the diet and lifestyle is made up of a colourful range of fruit, vegetables, beans, pulses, and other plant-based foods, making it easy to enjoy nutritious meals.

Veganuary (‘Vegan January’ in case you still hadn’t worked that one out) is now celebrating its sixth year of encouraging people all around the world to go vegan during January. With a wealth of recipes, a vegan starter kit, and tonnes of advice, the creators of Veganuary have made it simple for even the most avid meat eaters to take a break for just one month. Perhaps you even took part yourself!

As well as doing your bit for the animals, it’s often argued that there are numerous health benefits to veganism including protection for the heart, a lower risk of cancer, and protection against chronic diseases. New vegans also report increased energy levels, less bloating, and improved skin amongst many other benefits. So whilst our roots are of course in making delicious bone broth, our philosophy encompasses improving everyone’s health in general. That’s why we’ve also got a Vegan Broth in our range! It’s made up of carrot, celery, sweet potato, mushrooms, and kale, with coconut oil, fresh ginger, turmeric, garlic, apple cider vinegar, seaweed, and black pepper. It’s even approved by the Vegan Society! It’s tasty just as it is, but you can also experiment by adding our vegan broth to your home cooking for added flavour.

So if you’ve been taking part in Veganuary and are starting to think the challenge could become a more permanent part of your lifestyle, Squash Curry with Osius Vegan Broth could well be your new favourite meal. And, not only are we generous with the recipe, but to help you keep your vegan lifestyle going as long as possible, (if you so choose) we’re even giving you 10% off your Vegan Broth orders with code VEGAN10 during February! What are you waiting for?