Bone Broth

Stock, broth, bone broth - what is the difference? What are they used for? And what are the health benefits?

There are many claims made about bone broth, from the sublime to the ridiculous, for example, “bone broth can bring back the dead”! 

There is no doubt that bone broth was made by cave men through the centuries and in all cultures.  It has been made right around the globe for its restorative, nourishing benefits.  Our ancestors believed this to be true and so do we, but there are not really many studies to prove it.

Modern science wants evidence and we don’t really have clear cut, unequivocal, hard evidence that proves the health benefits of bone broth. It would be great if we did and one day we may. 

In the meantime we rely on historical and current anecdotal evidence.  Anecdotal evidence that has convinced generations of bone broth makers and consumers that whilst unlikely to “…. bring you back from the dead,” may just help you to live a little better today. 


The most beneficial component of bone broth is thought to be its collagen content.  So we thought we would make a small contribution to the science behind bone broth...

Stock, Broth, Bone Broth – what is the difference?

Bone broth, broth and stock are similar but do have some fundamental differences, mainly to do with cooking times and temperature.