The Osius Story

John and Louisa Stout launched Osius Bone Broth in 2015 from their farm in rural Herefordshire.  They moved from London 20 years ago to live ‘The Good Life’ and bring their three children up in the countryside. Louisa is an advocate of real food and believes that food from growing, shopping, cooking, eating and sharing should be the anchor for family life.

Osius Bone Broth

Osius Bone Broth was developed at the request of a local nutritionist who was treating an eight year old boy suffering from a severe gut disorder.  His mother was a vegetarian and whilst willing to do anything to help her son, even boil up bones for hours, would have preferred to buy an organic, grass fed bone broth.  So, we teamed up with a local organic farmer and Osius Bone Broth was launched.

Our values

Three words:

  1. Pride
  2. Passion
  3. Integrity

Our aim is to produce a bone broth of superior quality.

Our bones are sourced from local organic farms where the cattle are grass fed, we use organic vegetables - British when available - and we use organically certified British seaweed and herbs.

Osius bone broths are simmered for long periods of time - 12, 24 or 48 hours depending on the variety. They are simmered at a very low temperature with organic apple cider vinegar (with Mother). 

By the time they are ready for you we have a nutrient dense, delicious, rich broth.

Our process takes time and costs money but results in what we believe to be a truly powerful food.