Hit refresh with Osius

Why are we encouraging you to hit refresh? 

The last year has been a tough one for us all, in one way or another COVID-19 has hit us all and left its mark. It has isolated us, cancelled plans and adventures, forced us to live and work in ways that feel alien to us, it has at times left us feeling at odds, feeling short changed, feeling angry, and in its worst act it has taken our loved ones away from us.  

This has been a year which has tested us all. 

But after the storm came the rainbows. We saw our front line heroes given the spotlight and applause they deserve, our community spirit could be heard in the streets, in isolation we found weird and wonderful ways to connect and support one another, and this has inspired us to want to offer support in our own little way.

So we have been hard at work creating a plan that will guide you through and hopefully help give some support to your overall health and wellbeing, using well-known techniques to help you nurture your mind, body and soul. 

We believe that optimal health, well-being and healing can only be achieved when you support the mind, body and soul, and that’s why our 3-day plan targets all three!

The plan includes daily mindfulness techniques, yoga practices, dedicated reflection time, a full nutrition plan with 12 feel-good recipes created by @rebeccacooks_ @lialemonandvanilla @foodfindslucy @foodjunkie_uk @ems_menus

Take a look below for a small preview of what you can expect.

We hope this plan helps to support you on your very own healing journey to Hit Refresh with Osius! The plan is available for free download with any purchase. 

Purchase & download now!