Please note: Any health information provided below is purely informational and is not intended as medical advice. If you have a medical condition please go and see your doctor.

How will my bone broth arrive?

  • Frozen in an insulated package with an ice pack
  • It will remain frozen for a few hours after delivery
  • You can choose your delivery day
  • You can instruct us to leave in safe place or with neighbour

What if my bone broth has defrosted when it gets here?

Unlikely to defrost unless there has been a delay in delivery, however

  • If just a little soft you can re-freeze
  • If a complete liquid, discard and contact us

How long will my bone broth keep for?

  • Consume by best before date
  • Defrost in fridge and use within 5 days 

How much is carriage?

Carriage is £6.95 for orders under £56

Free for orders over £56

Is the packaging sustainable?

  • We use Woolcool to keep your bone broth frozen which is a natural, biodegradable product
  • Card can be recycled or composted
  • Plastic bag can be recycled
  • Pouch can be recycled

Do I need to dilute my bone broth?

No, you don’t need to dilute it as it is not a concentrate, but it can be diluted to make a longer drink if you wish

How much bone broth do I take a day?

  • This will vary depending on your age and health so best to consult a nutritionist
  • It also depends on the quality of the bone broth you are drinking, so we can only speak for Osius
  • Osius Bone Broth has been tested for collagen (see packs for collagen content)
  • It has been suggested that a person typically needs approximately 3.5g of collagen daily, but remember this will vary depending on age and health
  • Therefore 100ml of Osius Bone Broth should be sufficient to maintain good gut health for ‘most’ people
  • Bone broth is not a medicine, it is a nutritious, restorative food therefore there is no upper limit 

How do I prepare bone broth?

Bone broth is an amazing, versatile and nourishing food and can be used in many ways depending on your reason for taking it.

If taking it for specific health reasons:

  • We think it is best to drink it on its own
  • Take the desired quantity and put it is a saucepan over a gentle heat
  • Heat through so it starts to simmer
  • Pour into a cup
  • Allow to cool enough so you don’t burn yourself
  • Enjoy
  • Osius Bone Broth does not contain salt or pepper therefore you may wish to season it or add a flavouring such as lemon juice, fresh coriander, ginger, chilli etc
  • It is equally delicious just as it is!

If taking it as part of a healthy diet:

  • Use it as you would a stock, so add to gravy, casseroles, sauces etc.
  • Pour some onto pasta, rice, cous cous or potatoes
  • Mix into a smoothie
  • For more ideas see our collection of bone broth recipes 

When do I take it?

  • If you need to take bone broth to improve your health then you need to make it a habit so that you don’t forget
  • Best to choose a time of day that suits you and it becomes a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth
  • You could try replacing a morning cup of coffee, or when you first get in form work and before your supper
  • When you take it doesn’t really matter, as long as you remember to take it!

What do terms such as grass fed/ pasture-fed/100% grass fed actually mean?

  • Grass fed is when cattle spend the majority of time grazing grass but their diet is supplemented with grain or other manufactured feeds.
  • 100% grass fed or pasture-fed is when cattle eat grass for the whole of their lives and spend most of their lives out in the pasture. So they NEVER have their diet supplemented with grain.

But, who checks what the animals are eating?

100% grass-fed cows produce a really special product, therefore it is important to be able to ensure that they really haven’t been fed any grain during their lifetime.  A product making such claims needs to be verified by an authority.

The Pasture for Life Certification Scheme, of which Osius is a member, does exactly that and audits farms and Osius Bone Broth before they can apply the certification symbol to their produce. Checks are also made to ensure that those farms are achieving high standards of animal welfare and environmental management.

Furthermore, Pasture for Life can be traced back to the original farm by scanning a QR bar code with your smartphone.

What are the advantages of grass fed meat?

  • Healthy for people, meat is lean and contains a high percentage of omega 3 and CLAs as well as beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Beneficial to the animal
  • Beneficial to the environment
  • Good for communities

For more detailed information see http://www.pastureforlife.org

So what do we do at Osius?

When we first started making bone broth we were using bones from certified Pasture for Life farms which were also certified by the Soil Association as organic.  You may not be aware of the fact but such farms are few and far between!  As the demand for our bone broth grew we had to start sourcing bones from either one or the other.  After much thought we decided to go for Soil Association as there were more farms with Soil Association accreditation than Pasture for Life.

However (and this is a secret) we do make very small batches of bone broth which are both Pasture for Life accredited (i.e. guaranteed 100% grass fed) and organic. This bone broth is for those of our customers who for very specific health reasons cannot tolerate any grain in their diet.

As Pasture for Life beef is more widely appreciated and more farms choose to become involved, Osius will be producing more Soil Association and Pasture for Life accredited beef bone broth. Fingers crossed! 

If you need Pasture for Life accredited bone broth please call us. 

Where do you source your ingredients?

  • All of our ingredients are organic
  • When British ingredients are in season we buy British, when out of season we buy from organic European farms
  • Our organic seaweed is form Cornwall
  • Turmeric, garlic and ginger are also organic but from further afield
  • Our beef and chicken carcasses are always from British organic farms
  • We filter our water

What if my bone broth is not a jelly when I get it?

Bone broth should be a jelly, that is how you know it is full of collagen.

  • When chilled our broth sets to a jelly. The beef is denser than the chicken
  • If it has not set, we discard the batch
  • Occasionally, due to environmental conditions e.g temperature, movement etc. it will revert to a liquid on delivery
  • This is still a collagen rich bone broth and can be used in exactly the same way

What is the difference between bone broth and stock?

They share the same principles but there are few differences.



  • Carcass and meat e.g. Sunday’s left over roast
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Salt and pepper


  • Typically a couple of hours
  • Medium heat


  • To add flavour to for example sauces, gravies and casseroles

Bone broth (Osius) 


  • Organic beef marrow bones, knuckle, shin, sinew and cartilage
  • Organic vegetables
  • Organic herbs
  • Organic seaweed
  • Organic chicken carcass, feet, wings, head & skin
  • Organic apple cider vinegar


  • Beef bone broth cooks for up to 48 hours
  • Chicken bone broth for up to 24 hours
  • Vegetable broth for up to 12 hours
  • Simmered on a very low heat


  • A nutritious, restorative warm drink
  • Similar to stock; can be used to add flavour to sauces, casseroles, risottos, casseroles etc