The best of Bank Holiday with Osius

Summer Bank Holiday is upon us, and we are so excited to be able to enjoy a long weekend doing all the things we love. 

Some of our favourite Bank Holiday ideas include:

  • Taking a trip to the beach and enjoying the British seaside. 
  • Hosting a barbecue for friends and family.
  • Having a family cooking day, or preparing a dinner party for your loved ones. 
  • Catching up on the things we forget about during our busy lives, such as yoga. 
  • Going on a long walk with a delicious picnic packed. 

If these suggestions have left you inspired, or you already have your plans sorted, why not incorporate Osius into your weekend? Bone broth is a great nutritional drink for a hike for example, or you can search the recipes on our website for your weekend meals. 

These are great inspiration for what to add to your picnic basket too - our curried chicken and rice salad is a delicious alternative to sandwiches, but if you are bringing bread along, why not make some delicious garlic and paprika hummus? 

Our wellness plan is also perfect for the weekend, whether you’ve only got a few minutes in your jam-packed schedule, or plan to take it slow. Our favourite is the five senses exercise, which you can participate in wherever you are. For more information on how to do this, download the plan which is free with any purchase!

Keep up to date with Osius on social media for more inspiration on how to make the most of your Bank Holiday weekend...or any weekend!