Osius' guide to sustainability in 2022

New year, new resolutions! And we love goals that not only benefit ourselves but the environment too. 

We know how to recycle within the house, and say no to plastic straws, but there are other simple steps you can make to lower your environmental impact. 

Sustainability has always been at the core of what we do - we use Woolcool to keep your bone broth frozen during carriage, which is a natural, biodegradable product. The box can be recycled and composted, and the plastic bag and pouch are also recyclable. 

We also believe in top-to-tail farming, meaning every part of the animal is used in the process of making our broth. Reducing food waste is straightforward to do at home as well - some of our tips include:

  • Making a list before going shopping so you can plan wisely. 
  • Use leftover fruit and vegetables to make sauces, soups and smoothies. 
  • Freeze leftovers from your meals for quick and easy options in the future. You can freeze your fruit and veggies too!
  • Buy a compost bin for your vegetable food scraps. You can go beyond food waste though - try composting grass clippings, leaves, newspaper and cardboard!

Shopping local is an easy and fun way to help the environment, as it cuts carbon emissions and air pollution with its reduced food miles. Just don’t forget to pack your reusable bags!

Switching to organic food is a great change too, as toxic chemicals are kept away from insects and wildlife, instead creating a high-nutrient soil which allows for better habitats. Our bones are sourced from local, organic farms where the cattle are grass-fed, and we use organic vegetables (British when available).

We know a lot of you may be doing Veganuary for environmental reasons - make sure you check out our blog on how Osius can help you through the month. Our vegetable broth is just as delicious as our meaty range, and you can still get creative with the plant-based meals you make with it!

Do you have more simple sustainability tips? We’d love to hear them! And stay tuned on our social media for more on how to stay eco-friendly in 2022.