Autumn is here!

The streets are coated in leaves, the air is crisper and the days draw in… Autumn is here!

Following a whole month of celebrating, raising awareness and trying organic foods and produce throughout Organic September, we thought we would talk a little bit about how you can continue to live organically throughout the autumn and winter months. 

Why organic? 

“Organic products are much better for you” - this is something many of us have heard but often leaves us thinking... “Why?” We thought we would share with you a quick round up of what it means to be an organic product and why it’s so much better for you, the environment and everyone involved in the production of these products! 

The Soil Association lists five key benefits of organic produce:

  1. Supporting biodiversity and wildlife
  2. Helping to combat climate change
  3. Providing the highest standards of animal welfare
  4. Reduced exposure to pesticides
  5. Food as it should be, food you can trust 

Organic produce delivers so many benefits for wildlife, society and the natural world that no other defined system of farming a food production matches it or even comes close. Eating organic food is not simply about the food itself, it takes the 'whole system' approach meaning that the elements that make up a truly sustainable food production system are all interconnected and recognised in equal measure. For instance, it takes into account things such as; the treatments of workers and employees, the minimise of water pollution, soil quality and the use of pesticides. In short, it is better for the planet, it ensures higher welfare for farm animals, it is better for nature and wildlife, and it is better for people and our health.

So, how can you live more organically this autumn/winter?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that most products that are certified organic are available all year round, and this includes our bone broth! Here at Osius, all of our ingredients are organic ALL year round, we simply change where we get our ingredients from. So, when British ingredients are in season we buy British, when out of season we buy from organic European farms! This means that you can enjoy our bone broth in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

You can also continue to grow your own organic produce in the autumn/winter months ready for spring/summer! Some of our favourites are; spring onions, onions and shallots, broad beans and peas, spring cabbage and garlic. Whilst you're waiting for your veggies to grow, be sure to look out for the organic aisle at your local supermarket and look out for the Soil Association Certified Logo on the produce you buy!

Why not try to put your new organic products to use and follow one of our favorite autumn organic recipes… Chicken and Noodle Soup.

Made using our Vegetable Bone Broth, this delicious noodle soup can be enjoyed at lunch or dinner to help you reap all the benefits organic food and bone broth has to offer!

If you want to push the idea of organic even further, why not think about buying (or creating) organic presents this christmas! There are plenty of organic skincare/beauty products, clothing and homewares available, you may even want to wrap them with eco friendly wrapping paper or go hamper style! We’ve found that lots of our customers gift organically. If you have a friend or family member that is interested in living a more organic lifestyle, you could kick start this with an organic food hamper... Be sure to include some Osius bone broth for them to try!