Earlier this month on April 4th, we celebrated National Carrot Day.

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Carrots

Earlier this month on April 4th, we celebrated National Carrot Day. We’re not sure who makes these days up, but it was a great excuse for us to celebrate our delicious broths - all of which contain carrots - and some of our recipes which contain added carrot.

Now, we all know that eating carrots helps you to see in the dark, but did you know there are a whole load of other benefits to incorporating carrots into your meals. (By the way, eating up all your carrots won’t actually make you see in the dark).

  1. They are source of Vitamin A
    Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which is essential for Vitamin A. Deficiencies in Vitamin A are the leading cause of blindness and can also lead to cataracts, macular degeneration and Xerophthalmia. So although eating carrots won’t make you see in the dark, they will contribute to your overall eye health.
  2. They contain Lutein
    Lutein is an antioxidant which is really important for the body. Foods rich in Lutein help to increase the pigment in the macula (a part of our retina), again, contributing to an overall healthy eye.
  3. They could prevent heart disease
    Whilst looking into the therapeutic effects of carrots, researchers found that eating carrots can reduce cholesterol levels in the body, in turn helping to reduce the risk of heart disease. That’s got to be a reason to chop a few more into your stew tonight!
  4. They help with digestion
    Carrots have lots of fibre in their roots - and we all know that fibre is one of the most important elements in maintaining a healthy digestive system. The more fibre we have in our diets, the lower the likelihood of constipation, stomach illnesses, or colorectal cancer.
  5. They help to control diabetes
    Carrots are great at regulating blood sugar levels because they contain lots of carotenoids. They also help to regulate the amount of insulin being metabolised by the body which means diabetics can live a healthy life.

As well as these impressive benefits, carrots taste delicious, so chop, slice or grate some into your meal tonight. For some inspiration. Head to our recipe page, or for our carrot-packed broths, visit our online shop.