Why Osius loves Organic September!

Happy Organic September from Osius! Did you know our bones are sourced from local organic farms where the cattle are grass fed, and we also use organic vegetables (British when available)?

Some of the health benefits of organic food include:

  • They’re full of antioxidants, which studies suggest can protect your cells against heart disease, cancer and other diseases. 
  • They’re nutrient rich in the likes of vitamin-c, which some conventionally grown crops lack.
  • Organic food is often produced locally, so won’t be treated with harmful chemicals during transportation.

Organic food isn’t just good for us however - it’s good for the environment too! We made our packaging sustainable, with the pouches being recyclable or reusable, alongside the boxes that we deliver your broth in, but it’s as important that what’s on the inside is eco-friendly as well.

Choosing organic food means that toxic chemicals are kept away from the insects and wildlife that are vital to our ecosystem. There is also an emphasis on high-nutrient soil, which creates better habitats for bugs and insects. 

Organic farming is more energy efficient than conventional methods, lowering its carbon footprint. Instead, the CO2 that would otherwise end up in the atmosphere is stored in the ground.

These are just a few reasons why Osius is celebrating everything organic this month, but we would love to know why you love it too! And keep up with our social media pages for more exciting content this month.