Tips on Reducing Waste and Helping the Environment

We believe in leading as much of a natural and sustainable life as possible for its many benefits not only for our health but our environment, and are strong advocates of reducing waste and making mindful changes in order to save our planet from the threat of climate change.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand that bone broth is made using bones, meaning that every part of the animal has been used by the time we make our collagen-rich broth and nothing is wasted. Our bones are sourced from local Organic Pasture-Fed or Soil Association British farms whose animals roam free on pasture and are fed organic diets, rather than bred for mass production and produced unethically which can have a devastating effect not only on the animals but also on the planet. We also source our fresh vegetables and herbs from organic farms, British when available. Organic farming offers a more sustainable solution to the environmental crisis as it promotes soil and water quality by not using harmful chemicals, uses natural fertilisers and less energy than non-organic, increases biodiversity and produces less greenhouse gas emissions as healthy soil stores more carbon rather than releasing it into our atmosphere.

Our bone broth is delivered frozen and packed safely with ice packs to ensure it doesn’t defrost upon delivery. Once you’ve unpacked the bone broth, don’t forget to store the ice packs in your freezer for reuse - ice packs have many more uses than you may think, think along the lines of keeping them in your picnic basket or using them as a cold compress! As well as buying organic produce and reusing things as much as possible, here are a few tips inspired by Plastic Free July on how you can make small changes to reduce your waste and do your bit for the environment:

  • We deliver our bone broth in cardboard boxes that can be recycled or composted, and our pouches can also be widely recycled. Don’t forget to freeze and reuse your ice packs!
  • Do your weekly shop at local markets or independent stores rather than major supermarkets who wrap their fruit and veg in unnecessary plastic packaging, or grow your own! Our bone broth is stocked at health food stores like Abel & Cole and As Nature Intended who believe in sustainable products that are better for the environment.
  • Compost your food scraps or outdated food rather than simply throwing it away. Not only will this help create a natural fertiliser and keep your garden green, but it’ll also reduce the amount of landfill waste and the release of methane gas.
  • Carry a reusable coffee cup or flask rather than using disposable coffee cups - this is also a great way to take your bone broth on-the-go.
  • Cut out fizzy drinks, juices and other drinks that come in plastic bottles to not only reduce your plastic waste but also your sugar consumption - win win!
  • Did you know there’s been an 85% reduction in plastic bags since the tax was introduced? Taking your own shopping bag out with you rather than buying a plastic one will not only help with your plastic consumption but will also save you money.
  • Say no to straws or use plastic-free alternatives made from materials like stainless steel.
  • Using bone broth instead of stock cubes can help to reduce your plastic waste as stock often comes in non-recyclable packaging, and will also add plenty more nutrients to your diet!
  • Making homemade meals using fresh ingredients may seem time-consuming but is undeniably worth it, not only for the flavour and nutrients but also as it uses much less packaging than ready-made meals. Check out some of our bone broth recipes here
  • While tin-foil is recyclable and a great alternative to plastic packaging, you can now buy beeswax wraps which are made from all natural ingredients and are great for the environment.