The story of Osius this Valentine's Day!

Osius is a labour of love, from a place of love, and we thought you’d like to know a little more about that this Valentine’s Day.

In 2009, we were a small business operating out of our farm in rural Herefordshire. Five years later, we were able to expand, moving locations and increasing production beyond what we could ever dream of. Through it all, we remained committed to the way we sourced our ingredients, to our neighbouring farmers and to the hand-prepared, high quality food we made. No matter what changed, the spirit of production stayed the same: put care into what you make and what you make will be better for it!

We shared that same spirit when creating Osius.

The idea of producing bone broth was brought to us by a local nutritionist looking to help a young patient with a serious digestive disorder. This became the start of our journey. We were aware of bone broth but by no means experts, so we set about learning all we could. It became clear that incorporating bone broth into your diet was beneficial to the sick - like our young patient - to the elderly and to everyone willing to give it a try. [Like any naturally sourced health food, bone broth isn’t a substitute for medicine, but there are personal stories everywhere celebrating its positive effects.] 

The next step was to start making it, and making sure it was produced our way. That meant using ingredients that were organic and pasture fed and keeping additives out! There were plenty of trials, hundreds maybe - or what felt like hundreds - and we learned a lot from them, most crucially the importance of our long, slow cooking time. Osius is simmered for up to 48 hours to grab every last ounce of goodness from our ingredients. It’s a lengthy process and a costly one too, but it’s worth it, because Osius is a labour of love for a bone broth we’re proud of. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!