The benefits of bone broth for athletes and active lifestyles

2021 has blessed us with a summer filled with sport, and whether you’re participating in activities yourself, or just watching from your garden or local bar, we’re here with the nutrition facts to keep you going.

Bone broth has been endorsed by some world renowned athletes in keeping up their active lifestyle. 

Some of these champions include:

  • The late Kobe Bryant - after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon back in 2013, basketball legend Kobe credited his recovery with chicken and vegetable soup filled with bone broth. 
  • Tom Brady - American football great Tom keeps to a healthy diet full of organic vegetables (our favourite at Osius) and enjoys a hot cup of bone broth following meals.
  • Troy Deeney - the Watford footballer credits bone broth, chickpea blondies and jelly beans in getting him into the “best shape of his life.”
  • Georges St Pierre - the MMA fighter said he “eats a lot of fermented foods for the gut, a lot of collagen, bone broth, fruit and berries” after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Other than adding a tasty kick to your meals, studies suggest bone broth is beneficial for those with active (and all!) lifestyles because:

  • Bone broth is high in anti-inflammatory amino acids, glycine and proline, which have been shown to help speed the recovery process and reduce inflammation, allowing muscles and joints to heal quicker.
  • Joint health declines with age, as there is less collagen production. Bone broth brings the collagen back to our bodies to prevent greater injuries. 
  • When we sweat, we lose valuable water and sodium. Bone broth can replace this sodium loss from exercise.

So if you’re a gym regular, have ambitions to compete at the Olympics, or just inspired for a kickabout in the park after watching the Euros, why not add bone broth to your diet?

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