Osius' top tips for coping with the changing of seasons

After the clocks went back on Halloween weekend, we have been adjusting to the shorter and colder days. 

Some of us may see our moods change as we draw closer to winter, so it’s as important as ever to focus on our mind and self-care. Making the most of the few daylight hours we get is a definite mood booster, so why not plan walks with family and friends? Bring a flask of Osius bone broth with you, as a nutritious drink to keep you both warm and hydrated. 

Drinking bone broth is a great hot drink alternative for the cooler weather - you can add lemon juice, fresh coriander, ginger and chilli for a delicious kick!

We also emphasise the importance of the gut-brain connection; did you know that the bacteria in your gut regulates the activity of various chemicals in the brain, known as neurotransmitters?

A good diet is an easy way to maintain gut health - some foods that can help include ginger, garlic, yoghurt, bananas, peas, olive oil and almonds. However, incorporating bone broth into your diet can help too, as the amino acids support digestion and heal the intestinal barrier. 

Daily mindfulness can have a positive effect on your gut health, so we recommend incorporating yoga into your daily routine, which can also help you unwind before bed. Some of our favourite yoga poses can be found in our wellness plan, which comes free with any purchase!

Do you have any more tips that help you with the transitioning of the seasons? We would love to hear from you!