Osius Is A Treat For Every Season

The wholesomeness of bone broth can lead to the thinking that, like a warm mug of cocoa or a hot cup of bovril, bone broth can only be enjoyed in the winter. The truth is, the possible benefits of bone broth stay the same all year round and it’s a great addition to any meal, during any season. This spring we’ll be celebrating the versatility of bone broth, highlighting how it’s helpful in the warmer weather and sharing some recipes that use Osius bone broth in new and inventive ways. 

For a head start on the month to come, here are three reasons to keep bone broth in your diet this spring!

The Link Between Bone Broth And Fitness Recovery

With the weather getting better, it’s likely our time spent outdoors will increase and our motivation to move around will grow. Whether it’s walking the dog, going for a run or adding an extra kilometre to your evening stroll, your body feels the impact of new exercise. The collagen in bone broth is thought to aid our joints and ligaments, speeding up the recovery process and reducing inflammation. As collagen is considered the most beneficial component of bone broth we ensured our pouches were scientifically proven to be bursting with collagen and showcased it across our packaging.

Keeping Sustainable

Sustainable cooking is as important as any practice that helps both our bodies and the environment. Springtime welcomes a whole field of new possibilities in the kitchen with fresh produce becoming available and our desire to cook for ourselves and others growing. With cooking comes food waste as we toss away the parts of our food we think we can’t eat. Osius’ nose-to-tail approach to making our bone broth embraces this idea, utilising the bones of the carcass which are often disposed of without a thought to their nutritional value. 

Our bone broth is also packed full of flavour and using Osius in soups, stocks and sauces reduces the amount of liquid and simmering time you need - both of which contribute to a more sustainable mode of cooking. 

A Delicious Addition To All Your Spring Recipes

Most importantly this Spring, we want to showcase just how many uses there are for bone broth. With a full range of flavours available, our bone broth can be used at breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and across a variety of different cuisines. Use it to make pancakes in the morning, pop it into your afternoon smoothie or enhance your weeknight pasta sauce - there really are a bounty of different uses for our bone broth and we can’t wait to introduce you to them!

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