New Knee, New Man?

Today, John, my husband is going into hospital to have a much over due knee replacement. This is the consequence of years of sport, mainly football and skiing plus a little bit of general ‘wear and tear’ due to nothing but age!

To aid a fast recovery, John has been drinking a lot of bone broth during the past few weeks. I have just made him a batch of Ginger and Chestnut Mushroom Beef Broth to take into hospital.

There is a saying “Eat what ails you”, I am not sure who said it but it is commonly quoted.  Hence bone broth for a knee replacement. Bone broth contains natural collagen - this is the glue that holds our bodies together. If you studied Greek (does anyone anymore?) you will know that ‘kolla’ means ‘glue’.  Bone broth is one of the oldest foods - cave man food in fact. They would boil down the bones of the animals they hunted because they didn’t waste anything and they enjoyed a delicious, warming broth. Did they know exactly how much good it was doing them? Did they test the nutrients and collagen content? Well no, of course not. They cooked and ate by instinct. And just how right their instinct was!

Today, through the advances in science we can test the food that we eat, and we have done just that, so we know that our bone broth contains a great deal of collagen. Our slow cooking breaks down the collagenous protein from the skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones into a dense, nutrient and gelatin rich liquid glue. 

Collagen helps to strengthen tendons that connect our muscles to our bones and the ligaments that connect our bones together.  Collagen is the secret to well oiled, cushioned joints. 

Salsa dancing classes booked for John and I a week tomorrow!