Meet the Stockist: Farndon Fields Farm

Osius Bone Broth is now stocked at Farndon Fields Farm, a farm shop in Market Harborough, Leicestershire! We spoke to them about the story behind their wonderful farm shop, what they offer, and how they came to work with Osius.

Farndon Fields was founded by Kevin Stokes in 1983 when he planted the first potatoes at Farndon Fields farm. He began to sell potatoes from the farmhouse and soon enough the farm shop was born. Milly joined Kevin at Farndon Fields in 1989 and together have grown the business to what it is today. Farming really is at the heart of the business - the idea was to sell produce direct to customers to help make the small farming business profitable. Kevin loved to farm and needed to make a living, it soon took off and the rest is history!

Our shop is stocked full of locally grown and locally sourced food. Whether that’s strawberries grown on the farm here at Farndon Fields or curry sauces made down the road in Northamptonshire, our aim is to make sure we stock high-quality local food. We sell fresh fruit and vegetables, locally reared meat, cupboard essentials, frozen meals and bone broth, freshly made desserts and sandwiches, a selection of local cheeses, self-serve olives, gifts, homeware, plants and well the list goes on...

We’re not only a shop, we also have the Farmers Kitchen which serves top quality seasonal food using the produce that has been grown on our farm as well as all the fantastic ingredients that are sold in the Farm Shop. One of those fantastic ingredients is Osius Bone Broth - we decided to stock Osius as we felt that the ethos of the brand matched our own, being organic and sourced from local British farms, and being such a unique product we felt it was something our customers would love to try. We absolutely love adding bone broth to any kind of stew that we’re making as it really adds flavour as well as lots of extra nutrients, and our best-selling flavour is their delicious Organic Chicken Bone Broth!

Find Farndon Fields Farm on Farndon Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9NP. We highly recommend a visit!