14th February - the official celebratory day of romance and love. 

Love Your Gut This Valentine’s Day

14th February - the official celebratory day of romance and love. In many countries across the world, loved ones are exchanging gifts of chocolate, flowers, or something a little more personal. Loving, and feeling loved is an essential part of our social make up, but what about loving ourselves?

There are a number of ways we can take care of ourselves, a good nights sleep, regular exercise - like yoga*, time for ourselves to take a walk, read a book, have a long bath, meditate, or practise some yoga etc. However, a good diet is absolutely crucial for our health and well being, but in order to benefit from good food you need a healthy gut, a gut that is able to absorb good food and that is where we at Osius Bone Broth can help you. Look after your gut and it will look after you!

For those of you who don’t know the story behind Osius Bone Broth range, Osius was developed at the request of a local nutritionist who was treating a young boy suffering with a severe gut disorder. Whilst his mother was a vegetarian, she was willing to try anything to help her son, including boiling up bones for hours and hours. Preferring organic and grass fed bones as the main ingredient to her bone broth, we teamed up with a local organic farmer and Osius was born. Since then, we’ve been able to help a lot more people with the gut health and have countless testimonials to show how our bone broth has helped. 

You can try our bone broth here, along with our 5 ways to love your gut.

  1. Eat a wide range of plant based foods as well as drinking Osius Bone Broths, to benefit from a diverse range of microbes.
  2. Avoid eating too many highly processed foods. They usually contain ingredients that suppress the good bacteria.
  3. If you need to take antibiotics for any reason, make sure you eat lots of microbe boosting foods afterwards to increase your ‘good bacteria’.
  4. Eat lots of fibre rich foods like fruit, vegetables, and pulses.
  5. Incorporate Osius Bone Broth into your diet. For most people, 100ml a day will be sufficient. 

*For more information about how you can enjoy the benefits of yoga, visit Olivia Healing Yoga.