Lockdown isn’t the only thing lifting!

Lockdown isn’t the only thing lifting- our wellness plans are here to help lift your mood and focus!

As we begin to see the path out of lockdown, we understand that amongst all the joy and positivity, there will also be feelings of anxiousness and worry.

We have always supported mindful techniques as a way to provide stability and focus in times of worry or stress. So much so that earlier this year we developed two wellness plans which center around the idea of living a mindful lifestyle!

The plans are designed to guide you through a range of yoga practices and mindful activities, and include plenty of delicious bone broth recipes to support your health and wellbeing goals! And, best of all? They are available to download for free with any website purchase!

Alongside our wellness plans, here are our top tips for returning to more ‘normal’ life after lockdown!

1. Pace yourself.

Don’t try to do everything at once, it can be overwhelming!

We would recommend starting at a pace that suits you, if you want to begin slowly by seeing a few friends in the local park then do so. If this feels ok, you could arrange to visit your favorite local shop. If this feels too stressful, go back a step!

Don’t pack your week full of things that you’re going to find stressful. Most importantly, don’t feel pressured to do things that you’re not yet comfortable with just because you’re now allowed to do them! 

Friends and family will understand if you have an open conversation with them about how you’re feeling.

2. Forget about how you ‘should’ feel and focus on how you ACTUALLY feel.

As of mid-April 2021, just over 61% of over 18’s in the UK have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

If you’ve been watching news channels or keeping up to date on social media, you’re likely to see lots of people feeling a lot safer about returning to a more normal life, which is great! But, this doesn’t mean that each and everyone must feel the same way.

If you are still feeling anxious or worried, trying to make yourself feel a different way about something can actually cause even more stress. Instead, try to recognise how and why you feel this way by using mindful practices.

You’ll find plenty of mindfulness techniques in our wellness plans, but here are some more to try!

  • Swimming or floating in water.

This can help relax your muscles and relieve tension. You may not feel comfortable attending a leisure center or swimming pool, but this exercise can also be done in your bath!

  • Walking, hiking, and connecting with nature.

Head out on a nice long walk, this can encourage you to gather your thoughts and re-connect with nature. There are plenty of beautiful walks in the UK where you can enjoy the fresh air and where you’re unlikely to be in a crowded, unsafe environment!

  • Stretching.

Basic yoga practices, like the ones included in our wellness plans, can help to make the perfect positive start to your day!

  • Breathing techniques.

One of the easiest ways to calm the nervous system is focusing on breathing. Try breaking each breath into three steps. The first is filling the lower abdomen, followed by the ribs, then the chest. Adding imagery (such as imagining a wave rolling through your body) can help too!

3. Increase your self-care!

It’s easy to think that being able to do things that we have been deprived of for so long will make us happy, but it can be tiring trying to keep up!

Remember to set some evenings or days aside for yourself, doing something you enjoy. It could be reading a book, watching your favorite program, taking a bath, or simply enjoying a cup of bone broth and some alone time!