Keeping calm on World Meditation Day

With indoor venues such as restaurants, museums and cinemas reopening, amongst the excitement it’s natural to feel stress and worry about restrictions being lifted.

Tying in with World Meditation Day, our wellness plans that we developed earlier this year offer guidance on how to manage challenging times ahead. 

Whether you’re going back to work or preparing to socialise with friends and family again, meditation can be incorporated into your now-busier schedule even for just a few minutes a day. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Gaining a new perspective on tricky situations.
  • Increasing self-awareness. 
  • Works on patience and tolerance. 
  • Increases creativity and imagination.

Within our guide, which can be downloaded for free after any purchase, you can express your thoughts through the gratitude diary, enjoy daily yoga plans and look through bone broth recipes that will set you on your meditative path.

Meditation isn’t only beneficial for emotional well-being - it can also help manage symptoms for medical conditions such as chronic pain, heart disease and sleep problems.

If you’re a newbie to meditation, here are some tips to get started:

  1. Start small with a five minute meditation, and later develop on that. 
  2. Choose a suitable time of the day, whether that be as you wake up, before work or as you go to bed.
  3. Find a sitting position you find most comfortable. However, you can even practice meditation on the move, e.g. during shopping or the school run.
  4. Focus on your breathing: keep it relaxed and not strained.
  5. Finish in a gradual rather than an abrupt manner.
  6. Remember there’s no right or wrong way to meditate - you’ll soon find out what’s most effective for you. This may include repeating a mantra, particularly if you are religious.
  7. Check your Osius 3 Day Mind, Body and Soul Plan to carry on feeling refreshed, focused and centred. 

If you’re looking for a hot drink to enjoy during your meditation routine, your leftover chicken bone broth can be used for a soothing matcha and bone broth; alternatively, you can simply have beef bone broth heated up, which can then be flavoured to your liking.