Making conscious choices through the food we eat, mindfulness, and the products we use helps us to lead a slower, natural lifestyle that's better for our wellbeing and the planet!

How to lead a slower, natural lifestyle

We could all do with living a bit slower, but there’s always that excuse of ‘just not having the time’… Living slowly doesn’t mean doing things in slow-motion, it simply means taking a little extra time to invest in things that benefit your wellbeing and the environment naturally.

Taking this extra time to make conscious choices helps us to live more mindfully, and enables us to get in touch with our bodies and show them some love through natural healing! Our bone broths are full of natural, organic goodness that are great for healing your body naturally, simmered slowly for days to extract gut-healing collagen and bountiful amounts of nutrients and minerals. The essence of slow food! Here are some extra tips on how to live a more slow, natural lifestyle to support your overall wellbeing and our precious planet…

  • Always choose organic, local when possible - we talk about this a lot, but that’s because the benefits of choosing organic food and products are tremendous for our health and the environment! Organic farming is all about respecting natural cycles and ecology, and producing high quality produce free of GMOs, hormones, preservatives and additives. Some studies suggest that organic produce contains more nutrients, and if one thing’s for certain, it’s that it definitely contains more flavour!
  • Eat as naturally as possible - similarly to eating organic food, eating natural foods is also very important. Non-processed, natural foods are loaded with essential nutrients, only contain naturally-occurring sugars, they’re great for your gut, and ensure you’re including variety in your diet. Natural foods also contain lots of dietary fibre which is great for your gut!
  • Meditate - dedicating 10-15 minutes a day to meditate has proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, reduce sleep, and promote a greater sense of mindfulness. Stress and anxiety cause havoc on our gut health, increasing the likelihood of intestinal permeability and inflammation and altering our microbiome, so not only does meditation help us to achieve mental clarity, it also has a positive impact on our gut brain axis.
  • Choose natural products - there are so many brands out there who sell natural, sustainable products for self-care and in the home. Choosing natural alternatives reduces the toxins we’re exposed to, are kinder to our skin, and are better for the environment in terms of pollutants and waste.
  • Grow your own! - growing your own vegetables and herbs in the garden not only reduces money and waste, home-grown food is fresh, tasty, and void of harmful toxins and pesticides. Gardening and getting in touch with nature has also been proven to reduce stress and boost your immunity as you’re exposed to soil bacteria. Plus it’s great fitness!