How Bone Broth Can Boost Your Immunity with Dr. Jenna Macciochi

Incorporating bone broth into your diet can have a number of amazing benefits for your health, including supporting skin, nail and hair health, joint health, improving digestion, reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. We spoke to Immunologist, Dr. Jenna Macciochi who specialises in understanding how nutrition and lifestyle can have an impact on the immune system, about how bone broth can boost immunity, reduce inflammation and fight off disease and infection. Dr. Jenna Macciochi is a strong advocate of preventive medicine and believes in the power of lifestyle and nutrition to boost immunity, and believes that a good quality bone broth like ours can have a huge impact on your overall health!

In recent times, scientists have learned more about the specific components within a well-made bone broth that make your body function better. Bone broth is a great base for soups, sauces, risotto, stews & more. It’s particularly nourishing for our immunity in winter, improves digestion by protecting the integrity of the gut mucosa & cultivates good joint health & skin texture.

Bone broth provides a generous amount of minerals, but the gelatine & other protein-rich collagenous parts of the carcass produce a highly absorbable form of protein without the bulk of a meat-heavy meal.  It contains the valuable building blocks for our bodies to make Glutathione - a highly important antioxidant that acts upstream of other antioxidants such as vitamin C & E.  Glutathione is a key mediator in quenching inflammation & reducing the aging toll it takes on our bodies, it supports liver function & is even used clinically as an antidote to overdose. It triggers the release of the neurotransmitter GABA which inhibits nerve transmission in the brain, having a calming effect on the body.

Although we produce glutathione naturally, increased stress & poor diet depletes our body’s stores.  Supplemental glutathione is ineffective in their currently available formulations & the only proven way to support your need is through adequate intake of key building blocks for glutathione (the amino acids glycine, cysteine & glutamic acid) - all found enriched in bone broth.  This unique profile is rare in other foods. These also have additional immune benefits to the body: Cysteine helps break down mucus in your lungs & Carnosine acts directly on inflammatory cells called neutrophils to calm their toxic effects as they fight infections.