Feel-good food to help you FEEL GOOD!

Nutrition is a key component in supporting a healthy and mindful lifestyle. Our bodies have natural detoxification systems that can be supported, maintained and improved through mindful nutritional choices.

Included in our 3-Day plan - Hit Refresh is a daily nutrition plan made up of a variety of immune-boosting recipes curated by our head chef and recipe developers; @rebeccacooks_ @lialemonandvanilla @foodfindslucy @foodjunkie_uk @ems_menus, to support and reach health and wellbeing goals.

Studies suggest that due to the high collagen content found in bone broth it can be used to support an active lifestyle, in particular aiding in soft tissue repair and helping to replace electrolytes lost during exercise.

Natalie Constanti, a fitness instructor and trainer advocates the use of bone broth in active recovery, and says; 

‘Bone broth provides the building blocks for repair, as it is full of gelatine, collagen and amino acids which are all essential components for recovery. After an intense workout, you'll want to replace electrolytes, hydrate, and provide your body with a quality source of protein. Drinking bone broth supports your digestion and immunity, and the natural collagen and glycine may assist with soft tissue recovery.”

In addition, research suggests that ‘breaking fast’ with bone broth could have many health benefits due to the nutrients it contains. Bone broth can help to support your body's natural healing process without taking you out of the ‘fasting’ state. Along with naturally occurring collagen and gelatin, bone broth also contains other compounds and amino acids which can help to support digestion, joint health, skin health and a healthy immune response. These benefits can be achieved when taking bone broth anytime, however when used to during fasting, it has been said that your body can absorb these nutrients and use them more effectively.

In order to achieve a complete mindful nutritious lifestyle, we also encourage mindful eating exercises. These are said to help avoid mindless eating and increase meal satisfaction. Here’s one of our favourite 8-step mindful eating exercises for you to try!

  1. Focus on the present. Take 2 long breaths. Consciously follow the air as it enters your nose and fills your body with life. Relax into the exhales. Mindful breathing is a quick and simple way to calm the nervous system and help you focus on the present.
  2. Are you hungry? Actively think about your belly. How hungry are you on a scale of 1-10? Are you physically hungry, or are you experiencing an emotional hunger state? Whether your hunger is physical, emotional or visual, try to identify what hunger you have.
  3. How has your food ended up here? This involves you thinking about your food’s journey. Who has had to contribute to ensure your food ends up on your plate? Think about the farmers, transport links, shop workers, cooks, and whoever you think would have contributed. By actively thinking about this journey, we can make more conscious choices on the food we choose.
  4. Take a pause. Research suggests that taking a moment before eating can actually help the meal taste better!
  5. Observe the 5 senses. When taking your first bite, aim to engage all five senses. For example you might; look at the colour, listen to the crunch, feel the texture, notice the smell of the food, and taste the flavours coming together. In doing so, you are increasing your observation and increasing meal satisfaction.
  6. Focus on slowing down. It’s very easy, with a fast paced lifestyle, to eat your meal as quickly as possible. We encourage you to take a pause between each bite, maybe even put down your knife and fork. This can help to support digestion and increase satisfaction.
  7. Savour. Continue to focus on what you are eating and try to identify three details of the meal that you maybe haven’t noticed before. 
  8. What did you notice? Some enjoy documenting their experiences in a journal, others tell someone else, and some wish to do neither. Whatever your preference, we encourage you to reflect on your experience and think about how this may have helped you to enjoy your meal a little more! 

If you are interested finding out more about bone broth for active recovery please be sure to download our Hit Refresh plan for free with any website puchase!

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