Celebrate Father's Day with Osius!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what’s more of a think-outside-the-box gift than our very fine organic bone broth? Whether he’s a foodie or a fitness fanatic, the father figure in your life will have at least one reason to benefit from bone broth with all of its super nutrients, vitamins and minerals that support men’s health.

If exercise is your Dad’s thing, he’ll be thanking you forever for introducing him to his new-found recovery tool, as bone broth can replace electrolytes, hydrate, and provide your body with a great source of protein. Many people use bone broth for natural post-workout recovery as opposed to processed protein powders that contain high amounts of sugar and processed ingredients. Bone broth contains amino acids like proline and glycine which assist tissue repair and help with post-workout recovery, and its high collagen level may speed up the healing of sports related soft tissue injuries like muscle strain. Bone broth is also great for replenishing electrolytes after a workout and may hydrate your body more than water, and can provide your body with more protein than most meat sources as it contains gelatin which is the most glycine-rich food source.

Studies show that men are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular issues like heart disease and stroke than women for a number of reasons, including stress and diet, with one in six men and one in ten women dying from coronary heart disease according to the British Heart Foundation. Bone broth contains amino acids called peptides that are released during digestion and could block the enzymes related to heart disease, which may result in the reduction of high blood pressure and diseases that can affect the heart like obesity and inflammatory diseases.

Health benefits aside, bone broth is the ultimate flavour enhancer when it comes to cooking, and something that your foodie father is guaranteed to love! Our bone broths are made with all natural, organic ingredients that are full of flavour and can bring any dish alive, like seaweed from Cornwall and carrots grown on our Herefordshire farm. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to cooking with bone broth. It can be used as a base for hearty soups, stews and ramen dishes, to slow-cook meat until it’s deliciously tender, to cook rice and stir-fry vegetables for extra flavour, in pasta dishes… the list could go on!

With it being packed full of nutrients and a star in the kitchen, there are many reasons why bone broth is your go-to Father’s Day present and one that we can guarantee the father figure in your life will love you for!