Fitness instructor Natalie Constanti tells us how she uses bone broth for fitness recovery and why it's an excellent way to break a fast when intermittent fasting.

Bone Broth and Fitness Recovery with Natalie Constanti

As you probably know by now, bone broth is full of collagen, gelatine and amino acids like glycine, which can all assist with things common amongst those who lead active lifestyles like healing soft tissue injuries and digestive stress; bone broth also helps to replace electrolytes, which is another reason why many people use it pre/post workout. We spoke to Natalie Constanti, a fitness instructor and trainer who trains extensively every week about how she and her partner use bone broth and intermittent fasting for fitness recovery.


As fitness professionals, we lead very active lifestyles from teaching weekly fitness classes, travelling to teach workshops and on top of that we workout intensively multiple times a week. With such active lifestyles, we need to make sure that we prioritise our recovery methods to ensure that we invest in ourselves.

There are multiple ways to help recovery from ensuring you get quality sleep, good nutrition from quality sourced ingredients, daily breath work and movement.

In addition to these things, we like to use bone broth as part of our weekly recovery protocol. We know that bone broth provides the building blocks for repair, as it is full of gelatine, collagen and amino acids which are all essential components for recovery. After an intense workout, you'll want to replace electrolytes, hydrate, and provide your body with a quality source of protein. Drinking bone broth supports your digestion and immunity, and the natural collagen and glycine may assist with soft tissue recovery.

One of the things we have found from research is to drink bone broth in conjunction when either intermittent fasting or after more prolonged fasts. There are many benefits of fasting, such as Autophagy - the recycling of cells, and also breaking a fast with bone broth. But there is an important reason why you want to break a fast with bone broth!

After fasting, you increase your insulin sensitivity and decrease insulin overall in the body. So when you eat, your body will attach and hold onto anything you consume, making you more sensitive to the nutrients. By breaking your fast with bone broth, it means that you can utilise all of the benefits that bone broth has to offer - you are in a prime position to get the quality nutrients and quality natural collagen, as you can absorb and utilise them a lot better.

The term ‘superfood’ gets thrown around a lot, but in the case of bone broth we believe it’s true! From improving your gut health, strengthening your immune system and helping to reduce inflammation, bone broth helps in reaping those all important recovery gains, especially as part of a balanced lifestyle.