These claims have not been proven by science.  We believe bone broth to have these benefits through centuries of anecdotal evidence. We strongly advise you to seek medical advice before attempting to treat yourself. 

Doctors, nutritionist and shamans alike agree with our grandmothers; bone broth restores.

1. It rebuilds the gut

Bone broth is amazingly effective as a help with a very common condition called gut permeability (or leaky gut syndrome), where proteins and pathogens seep into the blood stream from the gut due to an inflamed and damaged gut lining. A collagen rich bone broth helps seal the porous gut wall and nourishes the lining of the gut to improve digestive function, calm inflammation and increase immune cell production.

2. Bone Broth helps digestion

In 1859 Florence Nightingale wrote a book called "Notes on Nursing" in which she emphasized the importance of “easy digestibility”.  She says to her students “Remember that sick cookery should do half the work of your poor patient’s weak digestion”. No food improves digestion better than a good organic, grass fed bone broth.

The saying “you are what you eat” should really be “you are what you are able to digest”!

3. Bone Broth improves the health of skin, nails and hair

Our bodies naturally produce collagen but with age the levels produced naturally reduce, leaving us with dry skin and wrinkles; our hair and nails become dry and brittle too. Bone broth supplies the body with a natural source of collagen, helping to iron out those wrinkles give our skin a youthful plumpness.

4. It helps to fight infection

Chicken soup is called “Jewish penicillin” with good reason!  A good chicken soup will be made with bone broth or an excellent chicken stock. Packed with cysteine and glutamine it will help your body’s immune system to work more effectively and fight off infections such as colds and flu.

5. It is good for bones and joints

Bone broth contains minerals extracted from the bones. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and some other trace minerals. Like collagen, these are in a natural form, not a manufactured tablet, therefore more readily accepted and digested by our bodies. Bone broth gives our bones strength, flexibility and acts as a natural WD40 for the joints! It can reduce inflammation around the joints, cushion and protect and give more resilience to complex joints such as knees and hips. Nourish your body from the inside out. 

7. Bone broth is great for detox and dieting

Your liver is the organ that is responsible for detoxifying your body and it does a great job! However, it would appreciate a little help in the form of an amino acid called glycine, found - you guessed - in a good organic bone broth.  Glycine helps to neutralize the toxins in your body.

8. It helps with mental health

Our whole wellbeing stems from the gut. So, it makes sense that when we are looking to treat our body, mind or soul we should begin at the beginning - our gut. Our gut needs a natural source of glycine and glutamine to help it rebuild and restore itself; to grow new, vibrant, effective tissue. The gut, also known as “the second brain”, has more nerve endings than the spine and produces more neurotransmitters than  the brain. The majority of our serotonin is manufactured in the gut. If we don’t have enough serotonin in our system we are venerable and more likely to experience conditions such as depression, insomnia and unpleasant mood swings.

9. Bone broth is warming and restorative

Cradling a mug of warm bone broth in your hands has the same effect as swaddling yourself in a soft, cosy warm blanket. We know that bone broth has many minerals and nutrients in it doing us a power of good, but making bone broth is also labour of love, so you are also cradling a mug of love!